A Stroll by Old and New Things


It was very nice out on Sunday. A short stroll through Berkeley streets let me catch glimpses of the best of life.

son father holding handsWhat I first notice is how joyful children are and how they make the people around them joyful as well. “Look, look! it’s right here!” the excited giggle of a little boy who is near two young ladies, the boy’s mother and a friend brings a completely and entirely new fabric of the air into the hustle of the little, quaint street. “Yes, we ARE. We’re right HERE.” The (mother) now laughing and happy as the child, smiling from the grownup talk she and her friend were engaged in, as they all walk into the sandwich shop. I mean, how amazing is a fabulous deli?

A small boy walking holding hands with his dad, playfully and suddenly drifts away and leans on the glass door of a store that is closed and renovating. The dad quickly walks on and persuades him to walk away and the two hold hands again, walking on their way, the dad still full of gentleness and peace. The sun is bright and lands gently on the the satisfaction of the two.

food by the hospitalPassing by the hospital I see some food put out by local grocers. Day-old cakes and bread. I find them surprising, out of place, but who’s to say the sojourners wandering about the nearby might not find a suitable meal out of the work of the amazing, hospitable hands?

food by the baptist eminary

I stop from my walk and look at this basket of bread out of nowhere. What is this? A gift offering of some sort, I’m sure, a range of gently laid clothing choices nearby adding to it being very intentional. I like how this feels out of place, in the middle of the city and I’m reminded of my family and the warmth of family. Suddenly in the middle of it all. It comes at par with the guest homily given by the Catholic Charities later in the day…the introduction of the work they with the targeted youth on the street and the refugees.


Some things never change. Catholic Charities have been around forever, and it probably will too, and I definitely see its place. Joy is given to one by another. Some hands make this world a better place and I think I’m called to be a pair.




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