Though I See the Stars


I’ve been reading Thomas Merton lately. His writing is very enjoyable, at a slower pace.

“…The hand lies open. The heart is dumb. The soul that held my substance together , like a hard gem in the hollow of my own power, will one day totally give in.

Although I see the stars, I no longer pretend to know them. Although I have walked in those woods, how can I claim to love them? One by one I shall forget the names of individual things.

You, who sleep in my breast, are not met with words, but in the emergence of life within life and of wisdom within wisdom. You are found in communion; Thou in me and I in Thee and Thou in them and they in me: dispossession within dispossession, dispassion within dispassion, emptiness within emptiness, freedom within freedom. I am alone. Tho art alone. The Father and I are one. “

~from “The Sign of Jonas” by Thomas Merton

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