Just Not a Moral Person…

So, I care a great deal about the moral person. Socrates? Oh, my favorite. Aristotle? Awesome, thanks much. These guys tell me I should be moral, to use the reason, (Socrates) to work for the community, (both) to ponder constantly about becoming a better version of myself. I think this is a very important message. That important people have thought about such topics since the dawn of time.

Except, it’s hard for me to be a jolly person when I get up. I’m hardly what you call a “moral, rational thinking-person” when I spring from my lair. I’m more like a miniature version of the monster from “Where the Wild Things are” by Maurice Cendak, as such:


Image result for wild thing

Which means, I don’t usually feel inclined to do all the moral things. Thinking about others, being in line, smiling at the passerbys. Thinking about duties, my duties, even in purely theoretical forms, the way Plato did.

But things get better when I drink that cup of coffee, have the protein shake and the healthy dose of breakfast. I feel I’m more energized and able to think out loud. I get there, or close to… morality!!!

So, in case you were wondering… this whole entry was written in jest.

But you know, one might say that, there’s truth in everything 🙂 So, what do you know?

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